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The 19th Shanghai International Shoe Industry Expo 2022

Jun. 15-17, 2022/Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Promotion of the 17th Shanghai Shoe Fair into China Leather Fair

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Promotion of the 17th Shanghai Shoe Fair into China Leather Fair

on september 2nd, general li of our company was invited to attend the third congress of the eighth china leather association and the fourth expanded meeting of the board of directors. during the conference, he visited many domestic and foreign footwear (business) associations and industry media to reach a cooperative intention on organizing exhibition visits at the shanghai shoe expo in 2020.



on september 2nd, the booth reservation team sent eight people to the china international leather exhibition to visit old customers and publicize buyers and new customers. at the same time, many new and old customers said they would continue to participate in the shanghai shoe expo in 2020.




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