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The 19th Shanghai International Shoe Industry Expo 2022

Jun. 15-17, 2022/Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Participation Procedures

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1. select to participate in this exhibition, contact the organizer to  request the application form, quotation form, booth map and sponsorship  plan.

2. fill in the application form and affix the official seal back to the  organizing committee of the conference; the application form will be  valid after being confirmed by the organizing committee.

3. after receiving the scheduled booth fee, the organizing committee  will follow the principle of “first apply, pay first, arrange first”.

4. exhibitors who sign the contract should remit the deposit to the  account of the organizing committee within seven working days from the  date of signing the contract. 5. after receiving the full fee, the  organizing committee will issue an invoice to the exhibitor and send an  electronic version of the exhibitor's manual to the exhibitor.

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