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The 17th Shanghai International Shoe Industry Expo 2020

Dec. 9-11, 2020/Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Scope of Exhibits

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finished footwear: men's shoes, women's shoes, children's shoes, sports  shoes, snow shoes, sandals, casual shoes, slippers, fashion shoes,  indoor shoes, labor protection shoes, safety shoes, dance shoes, thermal  shoes, beach shoes, cloth shoes, craft shoes, taller shoes, special  functional shoes and many other footwear varieties.

shoe material and shoe machine: shoe material, shoe material, shoe  mold, shoe last, sole, shoe lining, shoe sample, hardware, 3d vamp  machine, cad/cam system, adhesive, finishing, pu adhesive, hardener,  zinc stearate, resin curing agent, shoe machine, laser engraving  machine, etc.

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