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The 17th Shanghai International Shoe Industry Expo 2020

Dec. 9-11, 2020/Shanghai New International Expo Centre

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as a major producer, trader, consumer and the world's largest exporter  of footwear, china produces more than 12 billion pairs of shoes each  year, accounting for more than 80% of the world's total  footwear. shanghai international shoe expo (referred to as: shanghai  shoe expo) is one of the four major international shoe fairs in the  world. promoting mianly domestic and foreign trade, focusing on the  creation of chinese footwear industry, shanghai shoe expo is the vane of  the footwear market in china and even in asia. with the theme of “new  shoes, new retail and new fashion”, the exhibition gathers domestic and  foreign footwear brands, manufacturers, traders, shoe materials and  equipment suppliers and professional shoe buyers in shanghai to discuss  the development of china's footwear industry in the forms of displaying  new products, ordering products, hosting summit forums. it aims to  promote the chinese shoe brands and the chinese footwear industry to the  world.

with the high grade and a large scale, shanghai shoe expo has strong  influence in the asian footwear industry.every year, more than 800  internationally renowned shoe manufacturers and traders from more than  20 countries and regions including japan, south korea, italy, germany,  the united states, russia, brazil, the united kingdom, iran, turkey,  hong kong and taiwan participate in the exhibition.there are more than  1500 stands, more than 1000 brands in the booth, and the exhibition area  is more than 30 thousand square meters. the exhibitors include high-end  brand retailers, mid- and low-end oems, manufacturers and traders of  footwear and shoe materials in odm volume orders. the exhibition will  cover the entire asian market, mainly facing chinese retailers,  department stores, specialty stores, wholesalers, e-commerce and brand  holders. the exhibition has an indescribable importance and advantage  for the professional footwear manufacturers to develop the market,  master the professional information and understand the current market  trends. it is an industry festival that chinese footwear professionals  can't miss every year.

the 17th shanghai international footwear expo will be held at shanghai  new international expo center on Dec. 9-11, 2020. it will attract  more than 50,000 professional merchants to visit and negotiate,  including many middle and high grade shopping centers such as lane  crawford, parkson group, bailian group, shanghai golden eagle, big brand  e-commerce tmall mall, amazon, jingdong mall, no. 1 store and charm  hui, fashional footwear brands nike, adidas, h&m, yilian, belle,  daphne, saturday group, hot air and aokang etc, and it also have  professional buyers from guangzhou, chengdu, chongqing, shenzhen and  other regions. exhibitors thus get close contact with decision makers  from the footwear industry to create considerable orders. shanghai shoes  expo will continue to strengthen trade relations between china and the  world in footwear, expand international exchanges and  cooperations between industries, and strive to promote the development  of china's footwear industry and market prosperity.

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